About NBC’s Dracula series

I saw the first chapter of Dracula of NBC and some impressions become to my mind.

I will make mention of each one, below:

– A bad election for costumes designers (the mixtures between XIX and XX centuries are pathetic attempts of imitation of others great productions). In relation to this, the choice of a critic viewer goes from a vague steampunk tendency to a really wrong study of costumes from the past).

– With a wide list of well-known actors in the current TV scene (the role of the main character is in the hands of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, known by his acting in The Tudors, being maybe the only respectable performance), all interpretations are poor.  C’mon guys! We need a new group of actors with characteristics of the old schools from the best theatres. (You must always remember: it’s not the same to step into the scenery than to enter to scene. “Are you all only working as actors or really acting?”, as the said of a valuable actor from my country, called Alejandro Urdapilleta.

Perhaps an extensive session of videos performed by “onnagatas” may help to understand the old Art of acting… of course, just maybe.

– Finally, the argumental line takes from the novel of the Irish author, Bram Stoker, the base of development for the main plot (names of characters, spaces and times of facts, problems with occult societies and it antagonists forces, etc.). I discovered an innovative twist when the previously mentioned points were remarked with a free version of interconnected facts. This changes falls in some sort of parallel universe, to avoid, of course, copyright issues, i guess. It is not incorrect but… if the real intentions of writers are to showcase historic data, too much explanation may derivate in some kind of product of hallucinogenic science fiction, demanded just by the commercial mass-media.

To be continued in the next episodes…

Gabriela Córdoba



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